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I started working as a Brand Partner about a month ago and only after trying AD Night Cream product from a friend. I saw almost immediate results and two months later the results still held without the product for the two months it took me to come up with the money to become a BP. I joined because it worked. I once worked for Market America (my boss pulled me in) and that was a disaster since the products and their results had no shelf life, which was ridiculous for the cost of the products! I was sure I would never get into an MLM again, but my team is actually helpful, the products work, the results are long term and don't wash off at the end of the day, and I don't have to keep a *** load of inventory!

My results with the AD were dramatic to me, but not to everyone else (neck wrinkles and I'm only 34).

My mom however had TREMENDOUS results in less than 3wks. Everyone is different and so it will be different for different people.

I am super excited to get my firm in a couple of days to get rid of all these stretch marks and saggy skin issues.

With my team, we WANT you to try it free first because we never want an unhappy customer. If it doesn't work for you, then there is no harm done, if it does, we know you'll be a long time customer. It is just good business!

Reason of review: Высокое качество товара или услуги..

I liked: Results.

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Nerium International Verified Representative

Thank you for sharing your experience with Nerium International.


Such a scam, notice you don't see the entire face because these are all different people, you can tell by the triple chins in the before & the after one chin is gone!

to Anonymous Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1085376

Except my mom is wearing the exact same necklace in every picture....

to Anonymous Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States #1219931

You poor dear. Obviously written by a person that thinks they are a competitor. No way a scam!


Why are all the picture shaded differently....in order to honestly see results you need to take a picture exactly like the first........this is just decieving....

to Anonymous Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1079618

Because I am not a professional photographer, I cannot control the weather or the sunshine (which tends to lighten or darken an area, even inside a home). I have tried repeatedly to get the closest I can light wise to the same shot, but I don't have a drop screen with lighting set up for these things.

Additionally I am not sure how lighting affects an entire jabba the hut chin going away (I had no control over where these pics were taken - but we do recommend users trying to achieve the same lighting for this very reason).

And lastly I would also note that a free trial gives the ability to try it free up front before you choose to purchase it, no card or hold payment required - how is that deceiving? I admit that I've had two people who had no results whatsoever! I didn't push a sale, I just told them that I was sorry they didn't get the results they had hoped for, and got my trial bottle back.

However, that is just 2 out of 17 - the rest had positive results that they loved and so they chose then to make a purchase. I want people to see their own results, my results and my mothers are just there to give people the courage to try it - if it works great! If it doesn't then I am the only one with a cost loss, not them, and I always prefer that over an unhappy customer. I've had to talk people out of buying it before trying it for that very reason!

If I am going to do this business, I will do it ethically. No deceptions.

to medley.j.a #1086234

Ethics is a major deal when dealing with independent businesses and brands. I am convinced that you truly believe in this product just by the way you've stood up for yourself.

Not everyone has an opportunity as you did or I am about to have in order to make a living for my family.

So, thank you for this post and your convincing testermonal. God bless☺

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